why choose us?

Global Delivery Team


  • ISO 9001 Certified for the provision of Consulting, Training and Product Development Services. Our Quality Management System (QMS) “How we-do-IT” was developed entirely in-house and accredited in record time without the help of any external consultant.  It is subject to continuous improvement.
  • Microsoft, SAP, HERE, Esri & GE Smallworld GIS Partners with the highest number of Smallworld GIS Qualified Staff and Certifications in Australia and New Zealand.
  • We have performed the highest number of GIS upgrades (50+) globally, many of them SAP/GIS Spatial Enterprise Solution upgrades – all on time and on budget


  • We deliver both quality AND low cost through our wholly owned Right-Shoring operations in India (Data Services and Microsoft Power Platform) and Romania (Microsoft Power Platform)
  • We strictly obey Labour and Immigration Laws and pay competitive right-shoring market wages
  • Our global staff churn is <10% for very good reasons.  The tech industry turnover rate stands at >13% and is higher than in any other business sector.
  • We always value-add through innovation well beyond our customer expectations


  • 100% self-funded, family-owned and debt-free since 1995
  • Successfully delivered $250m+ of geo-spatial IT solutions to global Utilities, Telcos and Defence
  • Responsible for very large multi-year (5+)  National scale deliveries up to $25m project value
  • Our sole focus is to keep existing customers while getting referrals to new customers


  • Implemented World first SAP Certified GIS|connect Interface at United Energy 1996
    – still in production today
  • Developed #1 “Conflation-as-a-Service” adjust.IT
    released in 2000 as Smallworld GIS version and recently as ArcGIS and ArcFM versions. 
    Adjusted 400m+ coordinates to date.
  • Developer of SAP Certified LatLonGO® ERP Mobility Solution including SAP WorkManager, PM, MRS Integration.  LatLonGo for the Microsoft Power Platform placed in Microsoft AppSource