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we-do-IT is an expert provider of data services to infrastructure network operators, including government, energy, utilities and telecommunication companies.

Our team of highly skilled onshore and offshore data operators, data engineers, network designers and geospatial consultants deliver high quality, cost effective and fully scalable data services - reducing project delivery times and demand on operational budgets.

Overview of our data services

We have over 25 years' experience helping our customers better manage their network assets and unlock the potential of their data.


Utilising secure, accurate and reliable methods our data team provide high-quality accurate data entry of online, offline, image and survey form data into required systems.


Our team identify and correct corrupt, incomplete, duplicated, incorrect and irrelevant data to ensure your data records are consistent, accurate and fully compliant with data standards.

Data Record

We design, implement and administer records management systems, classify and maintain data, implement records storage, policies and standards, and integration across business systems.


We select, prepare, extract, transform, transfer and validate data from one format, location or system to another. We ensure moving your data is seamless and efficient, eliminating downtime.

Data Analytics
& Reporting

We summarise critical data into detailed real-time reporting dashboards to assist with critical decision making, to gain operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Process Mapping &
Data Automation

We generate process mapping and ROI evaluation of existing systems. We implement process automation of existing repetitive processes – reducing manual workload and improving performance.

Typical use cases for utilities include:

Business as
Usual (BAU) Updates:

Short duration, high volume data updates for as-builts, work orders and services to utility Systems of Record (SOR).

Legacy and Backlog
Data Catch-up:

Legacy data updates to Systems of Record (SOR) via manual entry and automated entry.

Data Analytics and
Quality Assurance:

Establish a measured process for managing data QA/QC by leveraging Microsoft Power Platform.

Advance Distribution Management System Data Readiness:

We provide full-service GIS to ADMS integration including data validation, data remediation and maintenance services.

we-do-IT are specialists in utility GIS, ERP and BI systems: GE Smallworld, SAP, Esri ArcGIS, HERE, Microsoft Power Platform and more.

I find we-do-IT are great to work with. we-do-IT provide accurate and prompt service along with great communication. I really value the relationship that we-do-IT have worked hard to forge with Ventia which is on an extremely collaborative basis, taking direction promptly and scaling up and down to move with Ventia's needs along with always looking at continuous improvements with us.

Design and Build, Ventia New Zealand

We work with the world's largest telecommunications and utilities companies.

How your dedicated we-do-IT
data services team works for you.

Expand Your

Our managed teams have expertise across a wide range of platforms - including GIS, mobility, ERP   and BI.

at Scale

Gain access to
world-class ISO9001 quality standard processes and trained resources for simple to large complex projects.


Through a combination of onshore and offshore teams, 'right-shore' your projects to deliver the best economic value*.


Advanced workflow dashboards provide real-time work progress and performance reporting.


Speed up the delivery of projects, to drive efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase revenue.

*Research has shown we-do-IT's 'right-shoring' model - combining onshore and offshore resourcing - provides budget savings of up to 65% and increased productivity up to and exceeding 200%.

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