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adjust.IT for GE Smallworld GIS and Esri ArcGIS

The #1 Conflation & Data Analytics Methodology

Utilities and telcos world-wide struggle with the task of maintaining their networks in reference to a changing land base.

Our proprietary adjust.IT software and delivery methodology improves the spatial accuracy of asset information through the process of Conflation and advanced spatial Data Analytics.

The solution increases the efficiency of network management, optimisation, and performance.

In the Telco industry accurate spatial location is the prerequisite for Broadband network Planning for FTTx and 5G roll-outs.

With the academic origins of the approach going back to the early 80’s, adjust.IT has evolved into the #1 conflation solution since first commercial release in 2000 with more than 400 million coordinates successfully adjusted to-date.

Where simple “rubber sheeting” techniques fail we are able to adjust highly inhomogeneous vector and raster data to any number of spatially accurate control points whilst preserving the network shape – using mathematically rigorous least-squares adjustments, sparse matrix algebra and Natural Neighbour interpolation.

Now available on Esri ArcGIS Pro – sharing the same highly efficient adjustment engine with its Smallworld GIS counterpart.

Inhomogeneous Shift Model
Shift Magnitude Heat Map

The solution is available in both GE Smallworld GIS and Esri ArcGIS PRO sharing a common adjustment engine solving 300,000+ unknowns per second.  

adjust.IT for ArcGIS is implemented in a Pro add-in. When installed, this add-in inserts, an adjust.IT pane into ArcGIS Pro’s Options page, an adjust.IT tab into ArcGIS Pro’s ribbon, it

  • defines the workspace and adjustment jobs
  • specifies the layers to be adjusted
  • specifies the layers which define source and target landbase
  • defines shift model
  • adjusts the network


Any data, any client – any time.

Nearly all of our customers have Mobility in their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Road Map.

LatLonGO provides the end-user with a system for distributing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) information seamlessly to mobile offline sometimes connected devices (Android, iOS, Windows native tablet and phone UI) as well as web clients.

Our Award winning LatLonGO solution operates

  • 100% offline (sometimes connected)
  • Data are AES256 encrypted, highly compressed and never unpacked on the device meeting the highest security requirements in utility, telco and defence applications.
  • Peer-to-peer (BitTorrent) data distribution to a very large client base adds to the highest degree of mobile device storage efficiency and data security
  • LatLonGO comes bundled with HERE Maps – used in 85% of factory-fitted car navigation systems and deemed “Enterprise Class” location provider
  • SAP Certified
  • GIS agnostic
    (native Smallworld GIS, Esri, Oracle, AutoCad, QGIS + FME) and
  • supports aerial imagery (ECW and JPEG2000) OFFLINE. 

LatLonGO/SAP Integration

Setting the Benchmark since 1995

Enterprise-wide roll outs of SAP inevitably require GIS integration.  The very first contract won by we-do-IT in 1995 was the implementation of the World first SAP Certified GIS interface GIS|connect at United Energy in Melbourne – still in production use today.

Since, we have successfully delivered many more SAP/GIS integration projects in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.  GIS|connect is developed by ESN, a leading Smallworld GIS service provider in Germany and supported by we-do-IT globally.

GIS|connect is pre-requisite for GIS/SAP Mobility provided by our LatLonGO Integration Platform:

LatLonGO/mWorkorder Integration

  • Significant Truck Roll reductions & improved wrench times

Key benefits for EAM customers are Truck Roll reduction (a dispatch to install, move, or somehow reconfigure an item of equipment, or perhaps to respond to a service call or network outage) and improved wrench time (streamlining an organization’s planning and scheduling work order processes).

Innovapptive’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Field Services, Inventory, and Supply Chain Management solutions provide simple access to real-time, mission-critical data.

We have partnered with Innovapptive to embed  LatLonGO/HERE inside Innovapptive’s mobile EAM portfolio, creating the most configurable enterprise-grade SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance solution on the market to-date.

  • OFFLINE equipment & address search + navigation
  • End-to-end business process flows
  • Minimal operator training time, easy-to-use touch client interface
  • Better informed and more productive work force
  • Enterprise Mobility to support GIS & ERP & DMS operations
  • ERP Work Order, Notification, Equipment, Functional Location and Operations
  • Intuitive map-centric business process flow, no database structure knowledge required
  • Dynamic data feeds (outages, customer-off-supply, weather, etc…)
  • Redlining instantly shared with the office
  • One-click-access to associated documents (work instructions, manuals, OH&S)

LatLonGO/HERE Platform Integration

#1 Location Platform Integration

Our customers expect sophisticated location data and processes.  HERE transforms information from devices, vehicles, infrastructure and other sources into real-time location services.  HERE is building the future of location technology through strategic partnerships.  

LatLonGO comes bundled with HERE offline Maps and we have embedded LatLonGO/HERE inside SAP and inside Smallworld GIS.

Product R&D: we-do-IT

Pushing the boundaries

Here are just a few examples of our Product Research and Development efforts having one thing in common – they are all World-firsts.