Dr Walter Hesse

Group Managing Director
Chairman of the Board since 1995.
Surveyor, Cartographer, Inventor, Software Developer, GIS Consultant and Entrepreneur since 1980. He does not have an MBA, but learned how to run we-do-IT from the School of Hard Knocks.
Walter likes to spend time with family and friends, ride his classic 70’s BMW motorcycle long distance (Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia) and sail his 60’s Corsair dinghy.

Mindy Gerber Alexander

Chief Commercial Officer
Mindy is the main driver of commercial strategy and business development for the global group of companies, reporting to the Group Managing Director. She is responsible for making decisions regarding sales, marketing and product development to drive business growth and market share in order to meet company growth targets.
In her spare time, Mindy loves spending time with her family, including her three beautiful children. Legos and photography dominate her spare time along with an affinity for travel. Mindy has lived in the USA, Norway, UK, Spain and Australia.

Natalie Amar

Chief People Officer
Natalie has a career spanning more than 15 years, having been with we-do-IT since 2010 where she has contributed to substantial global business growth and success.
Natalie is responsible for our most important assets, our people. Natalie is a mum of 2 gorgeous boys that keep her busy! She loves spending time with family and friends and has a passion for health, fitness and travel.

Phil Young

Chief Financial Officer
Company Director, Company Secretary, & CFO. Responsible for Statutory Compliance in all jurisdictions the Group operates in.
Responsible for Board Governance for all Group entities including reporting to the Board and Shareholders. Phil enjoys swimming to the extent of 4.30am daily starts 6 times per week, 49 weeks of the year!

Paul Joyce

Chief Technology & Information Officer
Paul is leading a global R&D team and is also responsible for the IT systems and security of the Group.
Paul likes to cook, walk in the bush, and rock climb. He gets woken up every morning by a smiling Samoyed

Sanjay Galal

Chief Operating Officer
Sanjay is accountable for building and maintaining the foundation of the business, whilst working with Commercial and Delivery to drive future growth globally. Sanjay loves spending time with his family and friends, whilst having a keen interest in everything sport, music and travel.

Hanmanth R. Marikanti

CEO we-do-IT (India) Pvt Ltd
Hanmanth has over 23 years of experience in the GIS industry and has been with the company for over 7 years and is responsible for the overall Hyderabad office operations improving efficiency by developing strategies and creating a great work culture. Hanmanth likes spending time with family and friends and loves watching and playing cricket. He is health conscious and practices yoga regularly.


  • ISO 9001 Certified for the provision of Consulting, Training and Product Development Services. 
    Our Quality Management System (QMS) “How we-do-IT” was developed entirely in-house and accredited in record time without the help of any external consultant
  • Microsoft, SAP, HERE, Esri & GE Smallworld GIS Partners with the highest number of Smallworld GIS Qualified Staff and Certifications in Australia and New Zealand.
  • We have performed the highest number of GIS upgrades (50+) globally, many of them SAP/GIS Spatial Enterprise Solution upgrades – everyone on time and on budget


  • We deliver both quality AND low cost through our wholly owned Right-Shoring operations in India (Data Services) and Romania (Microsoft Power Platform)
  • We strictly obey Labour and Immigration Laws and pay competitive right-shoring market wages
  • Our global staff churn is <10% for very good reasons.  The tech industry turnover rate stands at 13.2% and is higher than in any other business sector.
  • We always value-add through innovation well beyond our customer expectations


  • 100% self-funded, family-owned and debt-free since 1995
  • Successfully delivered $250m+ of geo-spatial IT solutions to global Utilities, Telcos and Defence
  • Responsible for very large multi-year (5+)  National scale deliveries up to $25m project value
  • Our sole focus is to keep existing customers while getting referrals to new customers


  • Implemented World first SAP Certified GIS|connect Interface at United Energy 1996
    – still in production today
  • Developed #1 “Conflation-as-a-Service” adjust.IT
    released in 2000 as Smallworld GIS version and recently as ArcGIS and ArcFM versions. 
    Adjusted 400m+ coordinates to date.
  • Developer of SAP Certified LatLonGO® ERP Mobility Solution including SAP WorkManager, PM, MRS Integration.  LatLonGo for the Microsoft Power Platform placed in Microsoft AppSource